1 thought on “Pop Culture Wake-Up Call – Back…to the Future!


    1. A young teen is sent back to help King Arthur. – A Kid in King Arthur’s Court
    2. Man is taken to the future right before he was to die, so that his body could be used for a dying rich man. – Freejack
    3. A woman faints at a high school reunion, and when she wakes up, she realizes she has been given the chance to relive her high school days. – Peggy Sue Got Married
    4. A man is visited by himself as an eight-year-old. – The Kid
    5. Man is sent back in time to stop the release of a virus that has destroyed the world. – Twelve Monkeys
    6. A couple travel back in time to find evidence to prove she did not kill her father. – Waxwork II: Lost in Time
    7. A young boy travels through times with a bunch of dwarves, stealing things in whichever time they end up in. – Time Bandits
    8. A French knight travels to modern day. – The Visitors
    9. A young boy is sent eight years into the future by an alien spaceship. – Flight of the Navigator
    10. Two men on a Naval Destroyer are sent forty years into the future. – The Philadelphia Experiment
    11. Beings from the future decide to go back to ask America’s founders for advice, but find themselves in 1976 instead. – The Spirit of ‘76
    12. Man is sent to the past and has to fight a lot of dead bad guys. – Army of Darkness
    13. A man from the 1800s travels to the present and finds himself falling for a woman who MIGHT be his descendent. – Kate and Leopold
    14. Security agent gets caught up in an evil Senator’s plan to become President through time travel. – Timecop
    15. Cop comes from the future to hunt down an evil hypnotist. – Trancers
    16. A starship has to travel to the past to retrieve whales. – Star Trek IV
    17. A modern aircraft carrier is sent back to the past…right before Pearl Harbor. – The Final Countdown
    18. Two teens use a time machine for their history project. – Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
    19. An inventor of a time machine in the 19the century must chase a serial killer who has used his device to transport himself to the present. – Time After Time
    20. A time-displaced secret agent must travel to the past to stop his nemesis from bedeviling him in the 1960s. – Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

    There was a three-way tie this time around! Johnny R., Kurt O. and Steve K. all got 13 correct!

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