3 thoughts on “How Does the Quantum Leap Project Know When Teenagers First Had Sex?

  1. As I recall, Ziggy would check public records to find out what happened to these people in the original history. So obviously, that kid became super famous sometime before 1999 and wrote a tell-all biography that revealed when he lost his virginity.

  2. Bellisario’s motto for the show was always “Don’t examine this too closely”. He knew the show’s logic wouldn’t survive any kind of actual scrutiny (the list of things that get blatantly contradicted between episodes was astounding), but he always figured it was more important that the show be good than consistent. (And, to his credit, the show was usually excellent.) (In other words “it doesn’t make sense and the writers didn’t care because it was a good zinger” is exactly the answer.)

  3. Yeah, exactly. And honestly, I am not even saying that’s a BAD thing, just interesting to point out. In fact, I think I’ll add that caveat to future How Can I Explain? features, which is that I’m not saying it’s a big deal for a show to have an inexplicable plot point.

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