3 thoughts on “Quantum Leap’s Addison Should Be Sam Beckett’s Granddaughter

  1. I had the same thought, especially with some of her facial features looking a bit like Scott Bakula to me.
    Her not knowing about this, and Ben knowing could be part of the reason he is searching for Sam, to bring him to their wedding.

  2. ummm. did you even watch the show? part 1 Sam was the dad, he was the one that Sam leaps out of before he dies. He does leap into her fiance Will (part 2) but protects Abigail from being hung then shot. Will wasn’t injured at all an wasn’t going to die before Sam lept. in fact, Sam tells her that he loves her and that she should always remember that no matter what, they belong to each other. Part 3, Sam is the lawyer that helped save Abigail in part 2 from being shot and hung.

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