4 thoughts on “The Returning Cameo in the Quantum Leap Finale Should Have Another Layer to it

  1. I love your idea in general, but the thought of Sam killing a man doesn’t sit well with me, unless there was a revelation of “Sam’s been gone too long, and without Al has lost his way” and then gets a redemption arc.

  2. They have too good a story to go Nostalgia season 1. I mean don’t get me wrong when Sam shows up (and he will) it will be great, but for right now they are building their own lore.

  3. I was expecting it to be Sam that appeared in the accelerator at the end of the episode, though since we don’t see who/what (if anyone/anything) did materialize, it still could be. (Based on Addison’s reaction – and the fact that they’re doing a second season – it obviously wasn’t Ben, of course.)

  4. What I expected was that the Evil Leapers of the original show were more of the government’s efforts to undo the damage they blamed the project for. No appearance needed, just a reference.

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