4 thoughts on “The Hideous Teenage Girls of Old School TV Sitcoms

  1. This still continues with the whole trope of “glasses make you ugly” that a lot of movies and shows rely on.

  2. TV Tropes’ website calls it “Hollywood Homely,” where an otherwise beautiful woman is given glasses, a sweater (or ill fitting clothes, but sweaters are common) and/or a bad haircut. Basically when they make an actress who could (or did) work as a model look like Irma from “Ninja Turtles.”

  3. As the above commenters poit out, this isn’t limited to old TV shows. “The Ugly Truth” wants us to believe simultaneously that “men care nothing about personality, only how hot you are” and “Katherine Heigl can’t get laid because she has a bad personality.”
    Or “The Truth About Cats and Dogs” where cutie-pie Jeanine Garofalo is supposedly so plain that nobody’s interested in her.

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