5 thoughts on “The Jeffersons Pilot Made a Bizarre Argument Involving the N-Word

  1. Historical Privilege is a thing even if it is only fifty years. If the episode was a contemporary one, I would agree with you. The chances of Tom having grown up around anyone who used the N-Word would be very unlikely and the chances of him thinking it even in the heat of anger when anything could happen would be small. However, slip back the time machine 50 years and then another 20-30 to the characters formative years in the 40s and 50s. Was it stated whether they grew up in the North or the South? The words as legitimate invectives and the worst thing you could think of might easily have come to mind even if they had never crossed the lips. Even if they were relatively enlightened and non-prejudicial. In those days the words, though frowned upon were not taboo in the way they have become since. Judge people by their cultural context, not by your own.

  2. They still kept it in when they did the show “live” on ABC in 2019 but I think they bleeped it

  3. Actually, Louise says it to George in one episode after he did something egregious, as in “N***, PLEASE!” and I believe that was the laugh that ended that act and they went to commercial.

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