2 thoughts on “The R-Rated Reason Why Brenda Lee’s ‘Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree’ Is So Popular

  1. I’m working forty-five hours a week this month and have not heard Mariah Carey a single time. Baby It’s Cold Outside thankfully is absent too. Saves me from yelling at the speakers ‘It’s a weather report, not a Christmas song!’ Now if I could just figure out how you can give someone your heart (falling in love with them) can be given away. Does he just make the singer fall in love with someone else?

  2. He gave her/him his heart last Christmas, but he/she rather quickly gave it away (discarded it, broke up with him) and this year, he’s giving it to someone new. However, the fascinating thing is that he acknowledges that he/she could get him right back if they tried, that’s how susceptible he remains to their charms.

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