2 thoughts on “The Spectrum of Pop Culture Scrutiny (AKA ‘Who Really Cares That Much About the Name of Boba Fett’s Ship?’)

  1. I only ever knew the name of Boba Fett’s ship because of wikis, I don’t think the name was ever really a major element of the lore. There are some people who just love complaining about anything they perceive as being too “woke” no matter how insignificant.

  2. The issue, I think, isn’t so much the renaming of the ship (I haven’t seen the show, but Firespray has been listed as its class before, so they could have just been referring to the class), but rather what the reasoning behind the naming might be. In the materials that would have named the ship, it was made clear that Boba Fett was a villain: he was ruthless, he betrayed people helping him, and there was the “no disintegrations” line from Vader that got explained. The name of his ship was a reflection of how awful of a person he was. If they’re trying to soften the character, then it would make sense to avoid the name Slave I or rename the ship.

    I’ll still hang onto my Lego Slave I kit box.

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