4 thoughts on “Top Five Roger E. Mosley Episodes of Magnum, p.i.

  1. Love this list but to comment on what you said about shows using the N word back then. Look, I’m black so of course I’m no fan of the word but i think tv was better when it was more honest and yes, that means that you would hear the N word and it would be blatant. The Jeffersons and Sanford and Son used it to great comedic effect too. It’s all about context and the way it’s done. Magnum used it appropriately because Ivan was trying to do everything he could to break TC and make him hate him so that his evil plot could work. It wasn’t gratuitous at all. Other then that I agree about all the episodes and love TC to death. R.I.P. Roger E. Mosley.

  2. But if shows were fully honest, they’d use words like “fuck” or “shit,” but those words are never used on broadcast television (especially in the 1980s), so there’s an inherent lack of honesty in broadcast television. Why, then, would the N-word be an exception to that approach? Magnum can’t yell “shit,” when he’s getting shot at, but it’s cool for someone to call T.C. the N-word? I don’t think that makes sense.

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