4 thoughts on “When Doing ‘Inspired by True Events’ Stories, You Have to Punch Up, Not Down

  1. See also: a vast majority of the “based on true events” stories from LAW & ORDER (and all spinoffs, including and especially SVU), BLUE BLOODS, at times CSI (and its own spinoffs), and a large chunk of the “cop shows” on network TV (but especially CBS and NBC).

    If you tried to count all of the “based on true events” stories from those shows which muddied the waters more than the real events did and “punched down,” you’d have no time to do anything else.

    This is one reason why the term “Copaganda” has arisen. It is easy for a cynic to see many of these shows, and films like “STILLWATER,” as laundering operations meant to enforce the status quo that “all cops are right if they’re pale” and “women and ‘those people’ are always as guilty as we say they are somewhere.” And like many laundering operations, are actually profitable regardless of the core objective. Now, I think a chunk of this is good old fashioned ignorance mixed in with a “we want to tell an interesting story and we’re both too lazy to come up with one whole cloth yet too proud to just summarize a script from an AP article” vibe, but the end result is the same, unfortunately.

  2. And a happy Friday to both of you, as well.

    (Just because you’re both correct doesn’t mean I have to like it.)

  3. I have similar thoughts about the musical Ragtime. It’s mostly great but it portrays Evelyn Nesbit — a rape victim who then married, and her unstable husband went and shot the rapist — as just a naughty little minx and that pissed me off.

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