2 thoughts on “Yeah, We Get It, Horror Movies, The ‘Happy Ending’ Is a Fakeout

  1. I would say the worst version of this is “the happy ending was a dream”
    it’s been used so often, it’s become a cliché
    One horror TV series made the whole final episode turn out to be a dream leaving the protagonists still prisoners of the evil cult. Were they somehow dreaming the events involving the other characters which they weren’t present to witness?

    On a positive note, there does seem to be some backlash against this approach in that the ending to the Descent was changed for the American market to remove it (leading to some confusion among British audiences watching the sequel)

  2. Agreed, John. It worked for the first Nightmare on Elm Street, because it was A. novel and B. a movie ABOUT dreams. But BOY has it been way over used since then. It really is the repetitive nature of it all that gets to me.

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