3 thoughts on “Amy Poehler’s Iconic Response to Jimmy Fallon Telling Her Her Joke Wasn’t ‘Cute’

  1. What makes it especially confounding is Jimmy Fallon could not keep a straight face in any one of his scenes from SNL. None of them. Not one. Some are just less obvious than others. That isn’t cute either, Jimmy.

    Was he really the star of SNL once all the 90’s crew left? And Will Farrell? Good lord. I usually find him to be insufferable. Even on his late night show he can’t even make it thru a bit he wrote himself without yucking it up like a first grader at a Christmas pageant.

  2. I always thought that other actors/celebrities on SNL liked him because he made them look good by comparison. This just carried straight over to The Tonight Show where his inability to keep a straight face makes celebrities want to come on his show because they know they’ll look better than he does, at least.

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