1 thought on “Chuck Cunningham Syndrome Came Hard for One Specific Generation on The Conners

  1. I assume that the fact that the bonkers 9th season of ROSEANNE ended with the title character claiming the entire show was her fictionalized account of her life, that the producers decided that from then on, all bets were off in terms of continuity. Season 10 lampshades this with Dan claiming that Roseanne “killed off the best character” in her book (which was an unpublished manuscript).

    Pretty much the only thing that happened after season 5 of ROSEANNE that stuck was Darlene having a daughter named Harris with David Healy.

    The entire show is a mess by now, and I am astonished THE CONNERS is still on the air. Michael Fishman, who literally has no acting career without Roseanne Barr or THE CONNERS, has jumped ship. He is literally leaving a hit sitcom to star in forgettable made-for-TV movies. If that’s not a sign of how woeful it has become, nothing is.

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