3 thoughts on “Five Shows That Aired in Syndication As Other Shows

  1. This might seem like an odd statement, but I preferred the “Good Morning, Miss Bliss” episodes to the high school episodes. Miss Bliss and Mikey helped to ground Zach, and Mr. Belding never came across as clueless as he did later.

  2. For “Law & Order,” TNT used to include the crossover episodes of “Homicide: Life on the Street” whenever those rolled around.

  3. Some syndication packages for 1981’s “Greatest American Hero” included the 1986 TV movie pilot for the spinoff, “Greatest American Heroine,” which features the original cast but writes them off. This may have been because at 44 episodes (45 since the original pilot TV movie is broken up into 2 episodes), GAH is a bit “light” for syndication, so adding the unused spinoff pilot at least lets them tack on another 2-3 episodes.

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