1 thought on “Five Times Roseanne Poked Fun at Their Two Beckys

  1. one British sitcom had it’s own meta-joke scene referencing this – a 90s BBC series Game On
    (I’m assuming it’s not well-known enough in America to get it’s own article here)
    The scene in season 2 has the 3 main cast members sitting on a sofa watching TV
    Mandy (Samantha Janus) at one end of the sofa is talking to Martin (Matthew Cottle) at the other end about Roseanne
    Martin asks “I wonder who’s playing the daughter this week?!”
    Mandy replies “”Don’t you just hate that, when they keep the same character and change the actor?”
    in between them, Matthew (Neil Stuke) remains silent – In season 1 Matthew had been played by Ben Chaplin

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