2 thoughts on “Homer Simpson’s Relationship With His Mom Was Retconned Over Time

  1. John is right. THE SIMPSONS has lasted so long that I think they have developed a “sliding time scale” over what continuity they do have, much like Marvel and DC Comics characters have. I.E. it was fine to reference the Vietnam War from the 60’s into the 90’s but after that, it really ages the characters so it becomes “some war in Asia” which can then be altered or retconned further. I haven’t watched much Simpsons in over 20 years but I caught a glimpse of an episode that showed a flashback to when Homer was supposedly a “pre-teen” working as the DJ in a Chuck-E-Cheese knockoff and he was very much into early 90’s era rap, when many previous episodes established him as an ex-hippie guy into classic rock and maybe grunge. I mean, in the early 90’s, THE SIMPSONS was already on season 2-3 where Homer was an adult and married. I was shocked. But then I realized, “Well, if they kept it the same then by now Homer would be in his 60’s or 70’s when he’s always intended to be in his 40’s.”

    That’s hardly the only strange retcon THE SIMPSONS has had to do. Just take a glimpse at the narrative gymnastics that had to be done with Bart’s teacher when Marcia Wallace (the voice of Edna Krabappel) died in 2013 and the show just kept going 9+ years and counting. And of course, Maggie never grows up (an absurdity not even the Flintstones franchise maintained, and lord knows that franchise seemed to never go away) nor do Bart or Lisa ever get promoted to another grade (which, after 2013, would have solved MANY problems in hindsight).

    My point is that THE SIMPSONS may be similar to many comics or other franchises that have to do some strange narrative things, including retcons, once they’ve endured beyond 30 years and have to produce a ton of new stories. Heck, plenty of shows did that stuff which barely lasted a third of that time. So while this stuff about Homer’s mom is interesting (and something I didn’t know), it isn’t surprising. You could do a ton of articles about this with THE SIMPSONS, I imagine. So many of the characters and dynamics have changed so drastically over 30+ seasons.

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