5 thoughts on “How Did Three’s Company Send The Ropers Off to Their Own Show?

  1. The Ropers getting a spinoff was inspired by the original British show “Man About The House” giving their Ropers a spin off too, “George and Mildred,” which had a similar plot but more success.

  2. The spin-offs actually followed the same pattern as the original British series _Man About the House_, which first put the Ropers into their own series _George and Mildred_ (which lasted a lot longer than the US version), then had the character Robin Tripper (Jack) marry and move out to start a restaurant (_Robin’s Nest_ in the UK, _Three’s a Crowd_ in the US. Again, the UK series lasted a bit longer.)

  3. I’m sorry, but they should’ve left the Ropers on “Three’s Company,” and given the girls raises, too, so that Suzanne as Chrissy wouldn’t have left. Jeffrey Tambor’s annoying character on “The Ropers” made me want to go outside and scratch dirt.

  4. Norman Fell didn’t want to leave as he knew the Ropers was gonna fail, sad that they force someone out

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