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    1. A young screenwriter finds it difficult to balance his morals and his more commercial instincts while filming a movie in a small New England town where everything seems to go wrong (and the script needs changing constantly). – State and Main
    2. A screenwriter in Mexico finds himself embroiled in an organ-harvesting scheme. – The Harvest
    3. A movie producer is stalked and threatened by a screenwriter out for revenge. – The Player
    4. A young screenwriter tries to sell a screenplay without abandoning his principles, in a modern-day retelling of “The Story of Job” – Hunger
    5. A screenwriter finds himself torn, for the first time, between his career and love, at the same time his two brothers also find themselves in difficult romantic situations. – The Brothers McMullen
    6. A young woman travels to Hollywood to reunite with her screenwriter father, and perhaps to break into films. – I Ought To Be In Pictures
    7. A man hires a woman to inspire him when he hits a writer’s block, but the woman ends up inspiring more than just the writer. – The Muse
    8. A screenwriter and his wife are vacationing in a snowy cabin, when a stranger comes across the cabin, and they let him stay. Soon, they learn he has sinister motives. – Dead Cold
    9. A blacklisted screenwriter gets into an accident, and ends up in a small town, where everyone “mistakes” him for a returning war hero, thought to be dead. – The Majestic
    10. Man has a difficult time turning a book into a movie. – Adaptation
    11. A young woman goes through many sordid affairs trying to become a successful screenwriter, even ruining her marriage (as her screenwriter husband is jealous that her rewrites improved his screenplay). ? The Lonely Lady
    12. A screenwriter loses the ability to tell between the real world and his fantasies, with horrific consequences. – Deadline
    13. A movie writer is writing a tenth anniversary horror film, but the monster he is writing about it actually influencing him, and is using the film to break into our world. – New Nightmare
    14. A man makes a bet that he could turn any director into a star just by using hype and promotion. – The Cannes Man
    15. A screenwriter is accused of murder, but his neighbor provides him with an alibi, as she is sure he is innocent. As they grow closer to each other, she begins to have doubts. – In A Lonely Place
    16. Two screenwriters try to turn a waitress? baby into a star. – Boy Meets Girl
    17. A playwright agrees to write a wrestling picture in 1940s Hollywood, and finds himself tangled up in bizarre events due to his neighbor, who he become friends with. – Barton Fink
    18. Down on his luck screenwriter forms bizarre relationship with reclusive former star actress, as he writes her big comeback. – Sunset Boulevard
    19. A group of blacklisted screenwriters use a cashier to pretend to be the one writing their work. – The Front
    20. A man has to compromise his script to fit in roles for the mistresses of all his financial backers. – Mistress

    This was a tough one, I guess, as Ed B. was the winner with just 7 correct!

  2. I couldn’t remember the titles of two more: State and Main, and The Brothers McMullen (I knew it was The Brothers something…). The only other one I’ve ever even HEARD of is The Majestic, but I’ve never seen it, so the plot didn’t ring a bell. I’m interested to know how you came up with this selection, as I’m really into movies, but half of these are completely unfamiliar to me.

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