2 thoughts on “This Album Is Good – Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats’ The Future

  1. Rateliff seems like a good egg. I’ve only listened to I Need Never Get Old and his cover/duet of Sam Stone with John Prine, both of which are great. I’ll check this album out.

    I listen to the All Songs Considered podcast, and they always to a Friday album roundup. I mention this because 1) they mentioned this album without your depth of review, so I appreciate your opinion on it and 2) they might be a good place to figure out other sources for new albums. They cover the gamut of genres from a variety of sources, so you might check them out if you aren’t already. You don’t have to change anything you’re doing, but you’re looking to cast a wider net, they’re not a bad place to start.

  2. Thanks, Josh, that’s a good idea. I think my “problem” is that I’m looking for not just a new album, but specifically a GOOD one, so so far, I’ve looked at artists that I’ve enjoyed before and yes, so far I’ve been right, but I worry that I’m not diversifying enough. At the same time, though, I don’t want to put TOO much effort into it, ya know?

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