1 thought on “What Did Freddie Mercury Think About ‘Ice Ice Baby’?

  1. The rest of the story: After Queen’s and Bowie’s attorneys threatened a copyright infringement suit, an out of court settlement resulted in Van Winkle compensating the original artists. Bowie and the members of Queen were also given a songwriting credit.

    Further, from Wikipedia: California rapper Mario “Chocolate” Johnson, an associate of record producer Suge Knight, claimed that he had helped in writing the song, and had not received credit or royalties. Knight and two bodyguards arrived at The Palm in West Hollywood, where Van Winkle was eating. After shoving Van Winkle’s bodyguards aside, Knight and his own bodyguards sat down opposite Van Winkle, staring at him before finally asking “How you doin’?” Similar incidents were repeated several times before Knight showed up at Van Winkle’s suite on the fifteenth floor of the Bel Age Hotel, accompanied by Johnson and a member of the Los Angeles Raiders. According to Van Winkle, Knight took him out on the balcony by himself, and implied that he would throw Van Winkle off unless he signed the rights to the song over to Knight.

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