4 thoughts on “What Was the First Commercial TV Broadcast Network in the United States?

  1. In the way that we currently think of them, NBC, because they started their broadcast day an hour earlier. Both networks aired commercials that day.

    Commercials, by the way, HAD appeared before this point, but they were not for the station themselves, they were compensation for allowing certain things to air on TV. For instance, in honor to get the rights to air a baseball game on TV, they needed to give ads to the radio stations that had the right to the game, stuff like that. But in the way I assume you mean, it was NBC. I’ll do a follow-up on the first commercial very soon!

  2. I hate to nitpick, but the distinction was between mechanical and electronic. They’re both electric. (Also Herbert Hoover gave the first televised speech, about television, in 1927, when he was still Secretary of Commerce.)

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