4 thoughts on “Who Was the Spin Doctors’ ‘Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong’?

  1. Who was the actress who played the “little miss” in the Spin Doctors’ video “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong”?

  2. I have been trying to find her name, as I cannot recall it. She went to Hauppauge High School or Smithtown West on Long Island and graduated in late 80s. She dated the manager at Hauppauge Beverage on Route 111, I worked there at the time.

  3. Please keep pressing, everyone who loves the “Doctors” wants to know who she is! Maybe look at yearbooks or get ahold of production company that made the video. Surely everyone had to sign off that was filmed.
    Thx in advance!

  4. funny, I just saw that great old video on youtube and could not resist searching this girl on the net. I remember her even more than 30 years after.
    could not find anything on google… it’ll be nice to know who she is and how is she doing all these years! She is adorable!

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