5 thoughts on “Wonder Woman Managed a Dramatic Revamp While Still Keeping Its Leads

  1. I did notice how Alan Brennert’s episode set up a situation close to the Kapetelises family.Would have loved to see more of that.

  2. I never knew that Season Three set up existed and what it was supposed to become. You must do that article ASAP

  3. I recall that format shift, but I’ll let Mr. Cronin provide the details. I will say that the change in format dispensed with Lyle Waggoner’s participation in the series. Anybody could see that coming, as Steve Trevor’s presence had been marginalised for the last several episodes, being pretty much reduced to cameos of him on the phone, saying, “Diana, be careful.”

  4. I think the series became too much when they shifted forward to the present day. I preferred the 1940s storylines, and would have preferred to see it stay that way for a few more seasons. I know the costs involved with recreating the 1940s, but still…

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