3 thoughts on “What Happened When the Paul Lynde Show Was Merged With Temperatures Rising?

  1. What an awful idea and what an awful show it became! I had never heard this before. I had always assumed Lynde’s show had flopped and being under contact he was just jammed into another show, like Nancy Walker with her eponymous show and Blansky’s Beauties both crashing and burning in the same season.

  2. I loved the first season of Temperature’s Rising, barely remember the second. Jeez, the reasoning sounds like the old joke about how to make a perfect show — people like shows about Abraham Lincoln, dogs and doctors so let’s make a show about Abraham Lincoln’s doctor’s dog!

  3. Paul Lynde as Dr.Mercy was pure GOLD to Lynde fans! Why are these Episodes and the full season of THE PAUL LYNDE SHOW not available to buy on DVD or STREAM?? Seems like SONY is dropping the ball here! Can only find six episodes of TNTRS and the quality is horrible. If there was a petition to release these two shows I’m SURE thousands would sign it! Too Bad LOST LAUGHTER GONE FOREVER!!!

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