1 thought on “A Dramatic Refocusing of The Facts of Life Saved the Series

  1. The show ran 9 seasons and 201 episodes from 1979-1988. It also had three TV movies in 1982, 1987 and 2001 (the reunion). For the record, that was a longer run their its parent show, DIFF’RENT STROKES, which ran 8 seasons and 189 episodes from 1978-1985, and no TV movies. It definitely had one of the longest runs of any sitcoms from the 1970s and still had a canonical instalment in the 21st century.

    It certainly seemed to run longer since it also aired in syndication for a darn long time (including some current cable or free digital stations). I know I had the theme song drilled into my head as a kid and I hardly even watched it. It’s one of those shows which, via endless reruns, never goes away. Like FULL HOUSE and SAVED BY THE BELL. Can’t say I was a fan, but it was hard to escape it entirely.

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