3 thoughts on “Classic 1960s Christmas #10 – Family Affair “Christmas Came a Little Early”

  1. Yes, it was a dark episode. I saw it yesterday and was very touched. But life CAN INDEED BE dark and it just reflects that reality. and this fact should not in itself be grounds to artificially keep it no higher than 10.

  2. Of course life can be dark, but when you’re ranking Christmas episodes, light outranks dark. It’s still in the top ten. That’s pretty darn high.

  3. Plus, I had the following criteria for the ranking listed from Day 1 of the countdown, so it wasn’t like this was out of nowhere:

    Christmas spirit counts extra, so a great episode that is dark as heck will be ranked not as high as a less great episode that is festive (but, still, if an episode is great, I’ll still rank it as, well, come on, we’re still looking for quality TV here).

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