2 thoughts on “Playing TV Bingo With Gilligan’s Island

  1. You could fill in more squares:

    * The Mosquitoes (a Beatle-esque band) could count as celebrities. If not, they definitely overstayed their welcome. The castaways tried to force them to leave their self-imposed exile. And the women’s performance as the Honeybees could count as a brush with stardom.

    * In “Voodoo Something to Me,” a convict robs the castaways of supplies.

    * In “Gilligan’s Mother-in-Law,” Gilligan is almost married to a Native girl. He jumps ship before the ceremony, but a wacky wedding was in the offing.

    * If you count dreams, the castaways played different characters in historic or fantasy settings several times. For example, the Old West in “The Sweepstakes.”

  2. Yeah, the original series never used “real” celebrities, which hurt them in that category.

    Good call about the robbery and Old West, though, I should have counted those two! Would we have hit a bingo earlier with those two?

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