4 thoughts on “Playing TV Bingo With Out of This World

  1. I was always just curious how Burt Reynolds was on board with voicing the dad. Was it a favor to someone? Was it to keep his SAG card without having lots of Hollywood work? It seemed to predate stunt casting and it was just a syndicated show, right? Did he have a big share of the profits? Did Dom Deluise produce it?

    This bingo card has left me with a lot of unanswered questions.

  2. I recall an episode that would qualify for the “trapped” square. I believe that it was season 1’s “The Illness”. Evie gets sick with an alien virus (measles with blue dots, IIRC) and word leaks out. Reporters besiege the house and Evie has no choice but to freeze time until she recovers since her powers and heritage were secret. Evie, along with her mom and uncle, are stuck in the house with dwindling food and the air going stale.

    I’m going off memories of a show I haven’t seen since it first aired so I may have fudged some details.

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