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    1. Recent divorcee tries to assert herself amongst her male co-workers at a strip mall. – Wildrose
    2. Woman goes through a lot of effort to assure that her daughter wins the local beauty pageant. – Drop Dead Gorgeous
    3. Man is caught in a love triangle with his wife and a beautiful (but really mean) woman. – The Heartbreak Kid
    4. Young boy inherits a baseball team. – Little Big League
    5. Woman visits her dead husband’s mother at her farm…and discovers some secrets that would better be left hidden. – You’ll Like My Mother
    6. Busboy with a heart condition woos waitress. – Untamed Heart
    7. Man meets with friends at a 10-year reunion, discusses life, and also develops a friendship with his teenaged neighbor. – Beautiful Girls
    8. Lawyer must coach a youth hockey team for community service. – The Mighty Ducks
    9. Young skater’s dreams are dashed when she is blinded. – Ice Castles
    10. Man moves his family to America from Sweden in the 1800s. – The Emigrants
    11. Surly kid is attached to his adopted brother, and is jealous when his brother gets a girlfriend. – That Was Then…This Is Now
    12. A complicated story about a young musician, and his misadventures in discovering himself while trying to avoid making the same mistakes his father made before him. – Purple Rain
    13. Boy visiting his uncle’s family discovers that his cousin is a bit…sociopathic. – The Good Son
    14. Chauvinist jerk and friend travel to see jerk’s pregnant “bimbo” girlfriend. – Patti Rocks
    15. Pregnant sheriff investigates kidnapping. – Fargo
    16. A man runs off with his brother’s stripper wife. – Feeling Minnesota
    17. Man gets beat up in front of his daughter – vows revenge. – Joe Somebody
    18. The misadventures of a divorced man after he puts a personal ad out in the paper. – The Personals
    19. Two retired neighbors continue long-running feud, and it only gets bigger when they fight for the attention of a new, younger female neighbor. – Grumpy Old Men
    20. Woman returns home after her father is seriously hurt by a horse. – Far North

    1. What do all the movies have in common? They’re all set in Minnesota.

    Reader Jody R. got the most right, with 13 correct movies AND the common theme!

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