2 thoughts on “Pop Culture Wake-Up Call – Not Ready For the Big Screen

  1. I don’t know enough of these to give it a shot, but one you didn’t include – the first that popped into my head – was Rene Auberjonois’ role in M*A*S*H


    1. James Caan’s role in Alien Nation – Gary Graham
    2. Michell Pfeiffer’s role in Dangerous Minds – Annie Potts
    3. Melanie Griffith’s role in Working Girl – Sandra Bullock
    4. Steve Martin’s role in Parenthood – Ed Begley, Jr.
    5. Jane Fonda’s role in 9 to 5 – Valerie Curtin
    6. John Lithgow’s role in Harry and the Hendersons – Bruce Davison
    7. Ellen Burstyn’s role in Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore – Linda Lavin
    8. Tatum O’Neal’s role in Paper Moon – Jodie Foster
    9. Alicia Silverstone’s role in Clueless – Rachel Blanchard
    10. Donald Sutherland’s role in M*A*S*H* – Alan Alda
    11. Sidney Poitier’s role in In The Heat of the Night – Howard E. Rollins Jr.
    12. Jeff Bridges’ role in Starman – Robert Hays
    13. James Stewart’s role in Mr. Smith Goes To Washington – Fess Parker
    14. Ron Howard’s role in The Courtship of Eddie’s Father – Brandon Cruz
    15. Matthew Broderick’s role in Ferris Bueller – Charlie Schlatter
    16. John Corbett’s role in My Big Fat Greek Wedding – Steven Eckholdt
    17. Katharine Hepburn’s role in Adam’s Rib – Blythe Danner
    18. Jennifer Grey’s role in Dirty Dancing – Melora Hardin
    19. Yul Brynner’s role in Magnificent Seven – Michael Biehn
    20. Peter Weller’s role in Robocop – Richard Eden

    The winner is Mike G., who got 11 correct! This was a toughie!

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